Financial Audit and Assurance Services

MGM & CO. offers three levels of service on the financial statements that we prepare:

AUDIT: This provides the highest level of assurance on your financial statements.  Our work includes a review of internal controls, testing of selected transactions and constant communication with third parties such as customers, vendors, and banks to provide assurance to management, corporate directors, investors, lenders, and others.  These assurances pertain to the reliability of financial and nonfinancial information, business processes and controls, regulatory compliance, and information used in strategic transactions.

REVIEW:  A limited examination of documents that provides a lower level of assurance compared to an audit.  Our work consists of discussion with management and analytical procedures applied to financial data.  The auditors’ report provides limited assurance.

COMPILATION:  A compilation provides the lowest level of assurance.  Our work consists of preparing statements from information provided by the company.  The auditor’s report states that no audit or review has been performed, and that no assurance is being provided.

All work is performed in accordance with standards established by the Board of Accountancy of the Professional Regulation Commission.